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Wrekonize - That's Not Real (Freestyle) (Prod. by Michael "Seven" Summers) (
Produced by Michael "Seven" Summers -


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Woke up in a cold sweat don’t know yet
What planet I am on I’m so stressed
My souls so stretched
Trying to find a balance I can protect
While trying to keep the shade over my family
cuz them solar rays do hold death
Give or take it’s no less
They hate on my progress
They don’t know if Wrek’s an architect Imhotep
Thin limbs no flesh him win oh yes
Every track he’s on He’s Joey Logano with more bread
Kimbo when I’m slicing rest in peace the god of lightning
You should not entice him on the mic he’s mike Tyson
On the mic he’s M Bison on the mic he’s quite frightening
But he sits with all his medals pushing pedals quite striking
Britain in the brightness Miami when the mic hits
The southern tip of Africa I’m looking for my likeness
I’m flavorful as fuck no wonder emcees trying to bite this
But when it’s time to drop shit we all see why you might miss cuz it’s not real

Two lives been added to my watch list
Protecting them from the toxic is what I been trying to box with
I’m telling them to be cautious and watch out for preposterous
Then lead by wrong example when I stomp into the mosh pit
and drink until I’m nauseous now I don’t think that’s pop shit
Father of the year award I might miss with this nonsense
so double down my conscious be present with my conscience
This world is big and bad but you’ll survive it using com sense
But I was too a child running wild getting into shit with Baz
Too many close calls to count
So many that I’m now chuckling over the doubts
Of my mind going back and forth just trying to make you proud
Yeah this planet’s like the pound
A bunch of lost motherfuckers trying to break it down
and Find a bit of solid ground
I know I’ve heard the sound of a heart when it’s been found
No money no amount can ever replicate an ounce because it’s not real

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