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Cuban Pete - The Standout | C75 Live (
The Standout mixtape Out Now!

Cuban Pete has several projects in the
pipeline but none of them were finished in time to drop on his birthday
so instead of rushing them he dropped this mixtape style collection of
tracks instead, hosted by the legendary Krumbsnatcha.

Cuban has worked with many MCs and has dropped a ron of features. Some of which havent even been released yet.

This collection is some of his latest, and a few older ones, to show off his catalogue and reach.

Featured artists include Solomon Childs, Tragedy Khadafi, MOUF,
SmuveMassBeatz, Dungeon Masta, BoFaatBeatz, BDvine, Odd Thomas, DJ
Modesty, Ill Proceeja. Samuel Tafari, Ju Muny, Mavz, OneMike, Vishus Da
Mobsta, Tom Skeemask, and Jabbo Tha Macnificent.

Stream the project below or download FREE HERE

If you like the cap Cuban is wearing on the cover get your own here -