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Abdominal - Ab Flex (1998 | 2019) (
This cassette was my very first release ever. I put it out myself in 1998 (& mostly sold it out of my knapsack, as you did back in the '90s...true backpack rap!).


released June 18, 2019 

All lyrics & vocals by Abdominal (Andy Bernstein). 
All production on "Seri Side" by DJ Serious (David Yan). 
Production on tracks 6 & 7 by Planet Pea (Philip Rae) for Cryptik Souls Productions. 
Production on track 8 by Mr. Knia (Knia Singh) for II Crazy Mental Productions. 
Production on track 9 by Agile (Ajene Griffith) for Assorted Nutz. 
Cuts by DJ Twist. 
Mixed by DJ Serious & Planet Pea. 
Graphic Design by Joshus Reichmann. 
Photography by Mark Sugita.