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Doctor Positiva - Bescheidenheit | Mic Staenda (2008) (
After a couple of years as a crew Doctor Positiva Released in 2008 a 
Limited Vinyl Edition of 500 pcs longplayer named Bescheidenheit. 

Including some hiddentracks here on Bandcamp.


released August 18, 2008 

From left to right on the Cover: 
DJ and Beatproducer, Tivamatik! 
In the middle your Host for the evening, Mäk Posa (Mic Staenda nowadays). 
And, Let his beautiful Soul Rest in everlasting Peace, Dr. Nervous Fingers. 

And everyone had a Little Bit of the whole in it. 
You also recognize this in the Bands Name: DR. POSI TIVA... 

Master: Eleven55 
Artwork: Yskert Weber