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MC Till - Elephants on Interludes | Everybody's Hip-hop (Instrumental) (
"I picked up the new Cypress Hill album, Elephants on Acid, when it came out several months ago. I was very inspired. I thought B-Real and Sen Dog did their thing. The beats captured me more than anything. And if you have heard the album, you know there are a lot of instrumental interludes. Except most of the interludes don't have any drums. They are simply these erie samples that kind of meander in between songs. After about my second listen to the album I said to myself "I'm going to jack these samples, chop them, and throw some drums to them." And that's exactly what I did. I made a beat tape called Elephants on Interludes." 

-From MC Till's Upcoming Memoir that is not coming out.


released February 28, 2019 

Samples from Cypress Hill's interludes from their incredible album, "Elephants on Acid"