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khaderbai's 51 minutes of BOOM! Special – The Fing Mag Guest Mix, March 2019 (

Photo by Nikolaj Leu (Umbo, Zürich / 07.02.2019)


12Vince – Safran
Seize – Incessantly
Klim Beats – A Walk In The Park
RAW Mentalitee – Slippery Slope
Loop.Holes – Krew
Godfather Don – Dark Church
Gazz – Mad Club
Vandolizm – Like Butter
Type.Raw – Entitled
Soulmade – Fingerprints
Snares – Black Sands
Propo’88 – Because I’m Buggin’
JoDu – Lay Back
Dude26 – Ghetto Of The Mind
El Jazzy Chavo – Uhuru
Ded Tebiase – Wyndham
Chief Rugged – Skyrockin
FloppyKat – Evigt Forsinket
Brous One – Priorität (Instrumental)
Armed Dukes – Blackstock
prgmat – Less Hectic
CORC – Eternity
Ruff-T – Mentality Jazz
Ol’ Burger Beats – Soundless Daydream (Instrumental)

This mix features a diverse array of instrumental and rap hiphop music and is mixed by Haus & Baum's own khaderbai. There is no particular theme, but the groove that drives it. It assembles newly released as well as already older, established music. This particular mix has been originally recorded for The Find Mag.

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Disclaimer: We don't own the copyrights of any music contained in this mix unless otherwise noted.