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Muito Kaballa - Everything Is Broke | Switchstance Recordings (PreOrder) (
Labelled a world music artist, Muito Kaballa, in fact, exhibits the charismatic abandonment of a punk provocateur. Informed by such post-punk luminaries as Maximum Joy (an outfit that was formed from the ashes of ‘70s peace-disturbers The Pop Group and Glaxo Babies, and employed Afrobeat rhythms), Kaballa executes an honourable balance between focused discipline and wily experimentation. Like Maximum Joy, Kaballa offers grooves of an Afrobeat persuasion, refracted through the restless energy of punk; kindred spirits Ebo Taylor and Fela Kuti, legends of African highlife music, impress upon his work indelibly. Such musicianship has produced a pleasing cacophony in Everything is Broke, Kaballa’s debut album, which takes in his usual influences of street funk, jazz, Afrobeat and just the slightest etchings of hip-hop. Edging out even further in his experiments this time, the artist now explores the nervous, juddering energy of New Orleans inspired pop, running freely the course of the album with the sensual sounds of the city’s Latin Quarter. 

Built on the back of improvisation, Kaballa’s music employs an on-the-pulse approach in style, where, for every measured arrangement, there is the sense of using every rudiment skill on hand. Essentially a one-man band, Kaballa is as adroit with the various live...  more


releases May 10, 2019 

Written, arranged and composed by Niklas Mündemann 
All vocals by Muito Kaballa 
All instruments played by Muito Kaballa 
Except Tin Tin and Chung: 
Jan Michael Lauber – Trumpet 
Ina Scheuermann – Tenor Sax 
Recorded at Gotteswegstudio Cologne by Ingo Hermes 
Mixed by Kabanjak 
Mastering by Arthur Wnorowski 
All music published by Oneminded Soul Publishing 
Artwork by Ingo Hermes 
Layout by Lisse / Brushwood Entertainment 
Made in Germany. All rights reserved 
LC 12393 / GEMA / SRLP 009 
P & C 2019 Switchstance Recordings