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Parimore | The Documentary : Dirt Platoon - ILL Conscious - Guy Grams (
When four Baltimore emcees travel abroad to create with some of Paris' most prolific producers and DJs, the soundtrack comes out as an organic opus filled with once in a lifetime experiences.

In addition to a stellar EP by the Baltimore/Paris coalition, we present to you the first installment of its kind as a visual treat of the team's endeavors in Paris to go a long with the soundtrack.

After releasing the first two singles, "Charles De Gaulle" And "Heavyweight Rhyme Writers", The EP and official Parimore Documentary are finally here for your listening and viewing pleasures. Enjoy and come be a part of our experience as Baltimore goes international.

Special Thanks:
Mika Dough
Jmi Sissoko - Street Wyze - DJ Low Cut - DJ Djaz - DJ Brans - DJ Grazzhoppa - Skarr Akbar - Back To Paradise Records


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