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ButterKnife Haircuts - I Rolls Dolo (
Long Island/NY Hip Hop at its finest! 'I Rolls Dolo' is ButterKnife Haircuts official debut Hip Hop album featuring such artists as Ruste Juxx, Rockness Monsta, Napoleon Da Legend, John Jigg$, VVS Verbal, Coke, Solomon Childs, Kinetic 9, Grand Surgeon & Juxx Diamondz. The album is nothing but pure Long Island/NY Hip Hop with minimal hooks.


released February 2, 2019 

Produced by ButterKnife Haircuts except 'The Harbor' was Co-produced by Wayne Hopson. Art by ButterKnife Haircuts. Entire album mixed/mastered by MrJack (Mike Dallas).