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John Robinson - Rhythms, Jazz and Politics Visual Caffeine Beat Set (
John Robinson - Rhythms, Jazz and Politics

J.R.'s latest offering is an Instrumental Beat Journey Rhythms, Jazz and Politics is a nod to the sentiment of music speaking to the times and reflecting both the beauty and ills of society. We are living in a time where many of the hidden injustices are being plastered all over the internet for all to see and causing a divide among the masses of people. At the same time a lot of the great things that happen around the world don't get nearly as much attention as they should. These sounds are aimed towards empowerment, healing, peace and connecting with like minded souls around the planet to build a collective consciousness that combats and protects the future from repeating these destructive patterns.

The music is a combination of Jazz samples from the Spirit Jazz era of the 1970's and foreign rare samples from all around the world with sprinkles of soulful Hip Hop samples to narrate the travels. J.R. although mostly Known as a Hip Hop MC with his group in the 90's Scienz of Life. Robinson has been beat making since the late 90s more as a creative outlet when he wasn't writing or planning the next business move. "Beats are my Therapy" J.R. replied when asked about his creative beat making process.

We thank you for being in tune with our journey. Listen with an open heart and mind and we hope to inspire the inner you.

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