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First Word Records - Two Syllables Volume Fifteen (
So how’s your year been? Compiling these annual compilations naturally puts me in a reflective mood, looking back over the months since I sat down to put together Volume Fourteen. Last year I wrote about how music can be a refuge from the harsh realities of the wider world and that seems truer than ever. I’ve not known a more turbulent year politically and it seems like there is worse to come in the years ahead. 

But now isn’t the time to dwell on that - you’re here for music and on that score 2018 can be judged in a much more positive light. For us at First Word it has been without doubt our best year yet, with albums from Children Of Zeus, Quiet Dawn, Kaidi Tatham and Eric Lau plus EPs from newcomer Yazmin Lacey and Souleance plus remix packages from Darkhouse Family and Profusion. For the fifteenth instalment of this compilation series I’ve picked one track from each of the year’s releases (including selections from our sister label Excursions) with a couple of exclusives added, rounding it out to 17 tracks of soul, hip hop, beats, jazz and bruk. 

Of the new tracks, we have low slung instrumental hip hop from FW extended family Mo Fingaz and Sleepin Giant, soulful beats from Jake Milliner (featuring Bubblerap) and a sneak peek at Don...  more


released December 21, 2018 

Design & Sequencing by DJ Gilla