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Live from the USSR, MEMFIS AKA [Funky RecordZ / Ivan Lopatin] is a true student of the artform. Inspired as a young kid by the classic 90’s golden era, MFS began to flow and produce from 2006. Funky RecordZ was officially born Aug 2008. 

Mentored in music by the legendary Nick Wiz (Cella Dwellaz, Shabaam Sahdeeq), MEMFIS AKA captures the Boom Bap essence with authenticity. Beats and music production are the biggest passion, this tape is the product of many years dedication to the craft. 90’s instrumental Hip Hop, the way it should be done... 

Available via all streaming platforms and limited edition purple cassette.


released November 30, 2018 

All tracks produced by Memfis AKA (Ivan Lopatin) 
Mastered by Memfis AKA 
Artwork by Memfis AKA 
Graphics by Tomas Yum 
Facebook: MFSAKA90 
Instagram: mfsaka90 
Soundcloud: memfis-aka 
Escapizm Records 2018