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Sektion Red - The Red Album [Trailer] (
The pre-order for the first ever Sektion Red album is available now on limited edition red vinyl, CD & digital:

The song playing is a snippet from 'The Kurrent', track one on the album.

The Full album tracklist:
1. The Kurrent - Logos Apeilh, G00se, Emblema, Młody Goh [Prod. by Logos Apeilh]
2. Kustoms - Datkid, Turan Khan, Sadomas [Prod. by DJ Propo]
3. Walk with me - Habitus, Tijan, IMP [Prod. by BadHabitz]
4. Doom - Buffalo Bill, Hozay, Sol’o [Prod. by Hozay]
5. Preach - Škabo, Rick Fury & Gilly Man Giro, 12os Pithikos [Prod. by Richy Spitz]
6. Have some Funk - Marteena, Holly Flo Lightly, Vina, Ms Maiko [Prod. by Habitus]
7. Street Fighter - Utoopia, Res One, LeoLex, Peluzah, ZigZag-Zvor [Prod. by Hozay]
8. The Big Lebowski - Just B, ansis, Matis CentrumStrona [Prod. by Chro]
9. Death after Life - Tekilla, TrueMendous, Darkside [Prod. by Chro]
10. The Storm - Verb T, Tupan, Andy [Prod. by Richy Spitz]

Production: Logos Apeilh, DJ Propo'88 The Insomniac, Chro (George Chro), Hozay, Richy Spitz, Habitus, Badhabitz (Ball Sandy).

Mixed & Mastered: Habitus
Executive Producer: Oliver Reuben Charles Whitehouse