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Edo G - Knightz Of Edo G Musik 12'' + Scientifik, Da Bulldogs 7'' (Snippet mix by Eagle) (
Sup y'all ?! We are back with some DOPE Edo G unreleased tracks produced by Madsol Desar & Dialek for Knightz Of Musik Productions. This EP contains 4 unreleased tracks dating back from 97/98. Don't miss it, only 300 copies pressed !!

A1 Back In The Days (Prod By Madsol Desar)
A2 K.O.M Next Move (Prod by Dialek)
B1 I Missed That (Prod by Madsol)
B2 What The Deal (Prod by Madsol Desar)

Mastering by Duncan Stanbury
Edo G Graffiti : Nerco Black
Design lay out : Peter Eeckelaert

Scientifik / Da Bulldogs 7"

Heres we go again with some unreleased Boston heat. Thanks to Madsol we had access to 2 previously unreleased Scientifik & Da Bulldogs tracks. Duncan Stanbury worked on the mastering in order to bring you the best audio experience as those two tracks were dusty we really tried hard to obtain the best result, hope you gonna dig it !

This 7" contains 2 tracks

A1 : Scientifik - The Master
B1 : Da Bulldogs - Bust A Nut

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