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Cuban Pete - Renaissance Man | C75 Live (
Pete drops the Renaissance Man mixtape

The title takes its name from Cuban's first interview proper by DJ Iceman for Rhyme Junkie.

wasn't until several months later that it was pointed out that the
title and cover may have been subconsciously influenced by Hell Razah (who
did a project called Renaissance Child), the head of GGO of which Cuban
is part of. Which is why Cuban asked Razah to do the intro for the

Some people have already referred to it as
AOTY so take a listen and decide for yourself. Whatever you think of it
there is no denying it's a strong project with no skipping.
track has separate artwork (included in the download from the C75 Live
bandcamp site only) so that each artist and track gets the shine it

Physicals are available on CD and are limited edition with only 75 being produced.