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Sly5thAve - Let Me Ride feat. Jimetta Rose (Official Video) (
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'The Invisible Man: Let Me Ride' is heavily influenced by Ralph Ellison's novel 'Invisible Man’ as Sly5thAve was greatly inspired by the text itself when creating his album. Francesca Mirabella and Sly5thAve wanted this film to continue that exploration, offering a modern abstracted interpretation of some of the themes, story moments and visuals of the novel.

With this video, Sly5thAve hopes to add his voice to the current conversation about police violence against people of color in America. Francesca Mirabella is honored to be have been entrusted to executed his vision with her visual interpretation.

Starring Geo Alexzander
Directed by Francesca Mirabella

Come down to the Chinese Movie Theatre in LA on Friday 15th June for an official screening as part of the Dances With Films film festival.

Tickets available via


Francesca Mirabella

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