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Pupils of the Clock - TIMELESS (
Pupils of the Clock - TIMELESS 

You can check some reviews of the album online but for now we'll let the words of GingerSlim do the talking: 

'Strong debut from South West rap duo, Pupils of the Clock and their Timless album. The pair – Tok and Lazy Eyez – have been steadily building their skills over the past few years and have now reached the point of bringing their music to the critical masses; suffice it to say it was worth the wait.' 

Track list: 

2) CHASE FAME [prod. benaddict] 
3) BOUND FOR THE BEST [prod. seetwo] 
4) SECOND HAND VIEWS [prod. chillman] 
5) PROOF [prod. wundrop] 
6) BLEEDING INK [prod. youandi] 
7) WINTER'S HELL [prod. loop faction] 
8) S.K.A.T.E. [prod lzy grey] 
9) COMPLEXLY LETHARGIC [prod. saito] 
10) PLANET'S DUST [prod. edzilla] 
11) SAMURAI WRITERS [prod. crink] 
12) D.M.T. [prod richy spitz]


released January 18, 2018