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DJ CHiEF - World Finals Battle Mixtape (
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DJ CHiEF’s World Finals Battle Mixtape is the 2017 soundtrack for cyphers and battles worldwide, brought to you by Bboysounds Black Label Breaks. 
This mixtape is packed with unreleased joints, classic battle anthems, and remixes to make you spin on your elbow.
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00:01 Intro 
00:06 Amores 
2:30 White IPA 
3:52 March On 
5:19 Sun Rize 
7:14 Go Live 
7:52 Pajama Jam 
9:26 Summertime 
10:49 B-Murder 
12:47 Brotherman 
15:08 Kitten Cuddlies 
17:00 UPC 
19:15 Untouchables 
22:03 Shining Star 
24:22 Point of Light 
26:44 Shooting Breaks 
28:52 Black Beatle Bboy 
31:07 Fermi Paradox