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South Central Cartel Feat. Evilside - S.C.G.'z (1997) | Official Video (
From the album "All Day Everyday" Produced by Havikk The Rhime Son

Rush Associated Labels, 1997.

South Central Cartel is a Los Angeles-based rap group. Some of their popular songs include "U Gotta Deal Wit Dis", "Pops Was a Rolla", "Ya Getz Clowned", "G*ng Stories", "Servin 'Em Heat", "Knocc On Wood (Remix)", and "All Day Everyday". 

As one of the original early-'90s West Coast collectives to follow N.W.A.'s lead, South Central Cartel first appeared with their debut album South Central Madness in 1991, before releasing a succession of albums throughout the remainder of the decade. After their follow-up, 1994's 'N Gatz We Truss, generated a sizeable amount of attention in the rap underground. Def Jam signed the group, eventually resulting in their most commercially successful album, 1997's All Day Everyday. 

During this same era, group leaders Havoc and Prodeje together released a string of albums on Pump Records as well, helping garner a small yet healthy cult audience. Despite their lack of mainstream success, the group does stand alongside fellow early-'90s West Coast colleagues such as N.W.A., Compton's Most Wanted, and Above the Law west coast rap pioneers. 

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