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For The Record feat. DJ Robert Smith, Mirko Machine & Captain Crunch (
During a cold winter day three DJs from Berlin, Hamburg and London
decided to resist to the cold weather and meet up for some scratch
sessions in Berlin.
DJ Robert Smith picked up his brand new Numark
PT01 Scratch at the Store. While driving home he spots DJ Mirko
Machine scratching on a roof and joins the session. Interrupted by a
phone call of DJ Captain Crunch they all meet for the final cut up at
the park. Portable scratch fun with 45s. Even in winter!

Thanks to DJ Robert Smith, DJ Mirko Machine, DJ Captain Crunch and our friends at different, Numark and Boom City!

Song Credits:

D.N. Hürter - Ab.O.vee (taken from »Lew Zealand« LP)

Cap Kendricks – Drug Lord (taken from »Keats 04« LP)
Vinyl: Sold Out

Pavel Dovgal – VHS (taken from »The Aura« LP)

Equipment credits:

Numark PT01 Scratch

Raiden Fader