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TRB2HH Docu-series presents: Crazy like That glue- The Craig Mack Story (
In 1994-1995 Bad Boy Entertainment released two artists that would change the game forever. Craig Mack and Notorious B.I.G.!

Mack’s story** began in 1988 when he was part of a group called Mc EZ
and Troup. The Craig Mack story is just as important, or may actually be
more important, than Notorious B.I.G’s; it all depends on your
perception. One thing is clear, if it wasn’t for the song “Flava In Ya
Ear”, Bad Boy Entertainment beginnings may have been a whole lot
“The Route Back 2 Hip hop’s” douc-series is an attempt to
give you a new perspective on the legacy of Bad Boy Entertainment,
Notorious B.I.G. and Sean “P. Diddy” Combs and how their success and
relationships intertwined. **“Crazy Like That Glue”** will give you a
true understanding of how Craig Mack’s rise to fame and success was
ultimately the same attributes that caused his downfall.

people are familiar with the _Notorious B.I.G and Sean P-Diddy_ Combs
place in Hip-hop.. But when you think about it... there was also Craig
Mack right beside them both... The rapper from Brentwood Longisland with
the distinctive voice and the exaggerated " Boooyeeee" adlibs that had
everyone Boppin there head. **Craig Mack** almost single handedly put
the spark into Bad Boy entertainment with his hit single " **Flava in ya
ear**". How could someone so impactful to a era in Hip-hop be so
forgotten of his importance? Was it on purpose? Well, until now ... This
documentary uncovers some of the most inner and delicate secrets from
that time and era .Told by the very people that was there from the
start. This entertaining and insightful story will fill in all the
blanks that was missing from the Full BAD BOY story. Success can mean a
lot of things to most people but timing is Key to how successful you
will become. At the time Sean "P Diddy" Combs was starting a young
upstart company called BAD BOY entertainment he enlisted two unknown at
the time rappers **Craig Mack and Christopher Wallace aka Notorious
B.I.G.** Now witness a never before told story about the man who sparked
BAD BOY entertainment. Written and Produced by James Billings