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UGHH - And We Are Back! (A Holiday Miracle) (
"My life is a rollercoaster, with many ups and downs. This past week has
been a roller coaster ride I will never forget, which began with the announcement of our site closing
last Wednesday. Within two hours of that blog post going live, I had a
phone call from a company in our industry who expressed serious interest
in purchasing UGHH and getting us back on our feet, along with several
ideas on how to improve the current website – yeah! About 12 hours
later, I get contacted by my good friend Apathy,
with the news that someone he knows is trying to get into contact with
me and wants to discuss the purchase of UGHH – holy crap! The next day, I
get a call from a good friend who is also a one of the most popular
underground hip hop artists out there and he wants to know how he can
help out with his marketing power and wallet – holy crap (x2)! I then
reach out to the biggest hip hop artist I know, and he wants to know
what he can do to help get the site up and running again – unreal!
Over the next several days, I spent a lot of time reading through
literally thousands of comments on the blog post I had written about
closing, as well as social media posts on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook,
etc. 99.99% of every post was praising UGHH for how much we meant to
their lives – from customers, fans, artists, labels, etc. I knew people
enjoyed our site but people were comparing our closing to the death of a
family member - lol! I cannot thank you all for all of those posts you
made – it really touched all of us at UGHH in a way I can't describe
with words and made us feel very special and lucky to have such
dedicated fans around the globe. To say I have been completely
re-energized and genuinely excited about our reach to people around the
world is a complete understatement. THANK YOU.
Back to the main issue at hand – getting UGHH back up and running, and
being even better than ever. I had a fantastic dinner meeting with a hip
hop artist, who is interested in purchasing the company. This
individual has been a fan of the site since our inception 20 years ago
and has come a long way from a passionate underground hip hop artist to
running a successful company of his own. He not only has passion for our
genre, but has a lot of resources and ideas to make UGHH a profitable
entity. The great thing is we are both friends with many of the same
people in our industry, so there is an instant comfort level working
with him (as opposed to a random venture capital firm for example). We
talked about ideas for 2017 and beyond, hip hop in general, and ate some
delicious Asian cuisine – not a bad night :) The meeting ended with a
commitment to partner on an immediate re-launch of while
details of an organizational re-structure (i.e. transfer of ownership)
are worked out during the month of January. I have confidence that this
individual will be able to do many things for UGHH that we have wanted
to do for years, but never had the resources or man power to do.
So how will this transfer of ownership look? UGHH will continue to
operate out of Boston, but we would now have a satellite office out of
Manhattan. The website will continue to operate the way it has been (at
least for the foreseeable future) – keeping the online store stocked
with all of the great products we are known for and of course, running
smoothly as we always have. The new owner shares our love for customer
service and wants the store to thrive again before he begins to
implement his ideas as time moves forward. However, the one idea the new
owner would like to do immediately is to host a celebratory concert for
our 20th year anniversary as soon as possible so if you have ideas of
who you would like to see perform, leave it in the comments below. I'm
currently working hard on getting my staff reassembled in a way that
this partner deems fit and makes sense. Anyone who knows me closely
knows my motto is "Everything happens for a reason", and this time was
no different.
I am looking forward to 2017 (rot in hell 2016!), as it is off to an
incredible start (and we are only a couple of days in!). I cannot wait
to hop back on the rollercoaster this year, and see where it goes – I
hope you will all join me and I am sure you will.
I'm not one who asks for favors, but I think showing the new partner
your appreciation for what he is doing would go a long way. Please leave
comments below, share this blog post on social media and make a
purchase from our online store to show your support is not only visiting
the site, but financial support as well – it would really mean a lot to
me. I love you all."
- Adam Walder