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13 Novembre 2015 #PrayforParis Attentats #fiersdetrefrancais Kien & Fabrizio Paterlini piano (
Free MUSIC :

Or royalty
Why only
Constantly wanting hotter
The lives of hundreds of thousands of millions
Being so dear
Without pure reason
Without thinking, just pride
Without primary motivation, defines Of
Just by obsession,
No lull
Belonging to a few things that make no sense
Who only kill, No respect, no dignity
Certain loveless
Without tomorrow
So you attack people
Who is manipulating you so
Who you gangreneIn hatredIn perdition
That you have oppressed
But then the good people left in peaceIn their countries,
Their houses
While compliance
Life is already so hard to be
We do have aEveryone is free to conceive
As he wants, as it should
By its free thought
But everyone is free to be able to face
His own fate, without being stopped
For these obvious trauma
Graves that affect us, haunts us
These shots, these blood dramas
Who we file the sheaf
Which torments us,
We troubling In
These bombs these suicide bombers,
Who we are both crying
Without really understanding why and how?
Dispossessed of their souls
Of their lives
Not thinking more than to themselves
Without even thinking, without meditating, without respite
Die with weapons in hand sign
On Integrity
Low in retrospect
Was undecided
II prefer to die
Only do my white sheet
My rhymes like wall facing my life
With the only weapon My pen as sword
And my thought as a model, without respite
All I have always fought
And all that life could offer me
Why then all this ...I still can hardly believe itI always struggle to achieveWe turn to earth
For precise time Precious
Not to make war
Or even to argue, We're so can
Just to flourish dazzle us we have fun and enjoyIt is sad to see right now what's going on
And what have the risk of leaving
A future generations Abandoned
Unfortunately we arrive
A stop everything.Without that there is no more death
No more ... no casualties.