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Princesse Princess Kien Music by Steph Len slam rap piano spoken word (

When I think back to those times Formal
My heart sways of fleshly

He flew to grow from current way
Its present these things
Now I see life in pink

Rose as the essences of my desires
Want to be by your side
Not to let you go, without worrying about ...

Want to never separate us
Want to not think about it
Just hold your hand and move

Advanced advance, J want to live in unison

Our unison Forces For us away ca

Unison our strength, to break the door
In this universe, Evil breasts

I do not want the fate Force
Just do me rocking, Between Your Hands
Hold Good

The tenderness of my words
Is like the caress of my hands
Put all smooth
Suede on your lips

A flower pot is exposed
Will expose my heart floral
For you I will pose
To you my all my Belle
The best seed of envy

My desire is considering
When I Close your Eyes
I see forever Your Face

Still as Radiant
Placed in the Clouds, increasingly pure is my eyes

Radical are my thoughts ...

Wonderful is my life, to your Listed
You constantly and never cease to make me ... .. Kiffer

Princess Goddess of my heart in my life

Who should I all, to be here today

My thought let me escape, until today

I am immersed in Happiness, until the end of my life ....

My love is FORMAL
MY life is Present
My opinion remains Ice
AND PLACE is intact

Faced with all these Acts, Prit unawares

But provided we do not let the matter
Provided it does not let DO

I do not want to bury me underground

J just want to fight, do not shoot me and move forward
Without You all would Tempered ca

Let's not spoil the Good Things
For notes without False Causes
I lay in taking Cause and Party

For you has you
Princess of my life

Nothing can stop me
Nothing will make me forget
I launched into my momentum

To remain close to your listening

Drop by drop, my desire for you all be shed
Only My heart will remain forever
OPEN for You