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instrumental - Pic d'émotions Kien piano by Robert HOLM Piano poetry Rap Slam (

My voice is the victim of allegory
Over this melody
S my life and fled
The words flow has flow
The sound that arises s s goes away
Always more beautiful
And upward

Our lives dreaming emotions
This takes us sends us
Still Deep
But the shape Rest
Hard to create
A single request is es t to approach maximum
Our dreams and stay there

Being levitating
Hold still
To not fall
In the deep
S hang on that tightrope
And do not let go
Being in phase and create dreams
On ambition
Built thanks to multiple ACTION
Forming slowly
But surely
We must stay down
Do not fly away or isolate s
In the hemisphere
Have the strength to stay
And especially to resist
To finally
In one day enjoy
Can be
Or maybe not
Next destiny
Following his steps
Following the path
We wish or not
One day empreinter ...

Life is worth living
Why not savor
Or a piano piece
Rhyming on to interweave
Playing with the melody Melee
In these few rhymes Interwined

His thoughts
Written on a sheet of paper
Ready to fly
Voyager, sail, disappear, evaporate. . .
Around the world

Never leave these skies
Filled with wonder
Dreams and desires to not wake
New destinies
Without being awakened
life is full of emotions
To all goes ....
And everything goes
To all headland
Pk not enjoy
While there is still
Time. . .
Why not enjoy
A moment