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A la Folie - the madness - Alix Hiwood & Kien Steph LEN Music Identity SHORT FILM Award (

Madness taught me
I always stayed in the shadows
And I will stay forever
And still misunderstood
The madness is not what they say
It is a beautiful disease
It allows me to survive
My delirium of my friends for life.
When they told me I was crazy
They have not understood my words
Or have misinterpreted the
For I am constrained and forced to stay.
The world wrong
I know I'm right
They did not want to see
They prefer to stay in the black.
Chorus (repeat)
The world wrong
But it has its reasons
It is easier to believe
And stay in the fog.
Become FOU, BLUR In this world
This world or everyone in FOU
I walk without reason, My not reason
Always and Forever in unison ...
In this long hallway, Always
And increasingly long ....
For a long time, Anesthetized, Without understanding
Chorus (repeat)
The world wrong
But it has its reasons
It is easier to believe
And stay in the fog.
My life no longer mean anything
Between space of time, and the bottom of this ravine
The cachetons, the sessions psy
Also in the FOND In BLUR
Without reason, without reasoning Accurate
Without ambition, I'm Bout
I kill myself, Past tightrope
Around my neck
My life is but a long story
Sure I will die here
Behind the walls of my reason
No one will remember my name.
But the party is over
They drugged me, punished
The waltz is over
I see the world as it is.
As in wonderland
More now nothing is more like
I sleep when life awakens
I wake me when the night entrances us
Caught in the spiral of madness
I sail, I awake, I marvel
Caught in the grip of this life, Who is so good
And in which I still misunderstood
Misunderstood, but forced helpless
Faced with this imaginary sick I feel sick
I can not separate myself without seeming
It is in me, it kills me, I feel
Despair overtook me
I'm done, I went out
My prison is inside me
Chemistry has succeeded.
I can not stand it, I die
My life was an illusion
But it was much better
When I saw it in your eyes.
Chorus (repeat)
But where is the mirror?
Alice, come back to me
To forget about it
I want to sleep with you ...