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Terri Walker ft. Frisco - Bad Boy (2015) (
Terri Walker ft Frisco | Bad Boy [Music Video]: SBTV
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Terri Walker returns with ‘Bad Boy,’ the debut single from her upcoming fourth studio album ‘Entitled.’

Shuffling organ licks, balmy trumpets and Terri Walker’s scorching vocals - ‘Bad Boy’ featuring Frisco is perfect soulful pop. The subject matter reflects on those who feel they have no choice, the kids on the street who take the easy way out chasing fake thrills: “It’s easy to feel doomed by circumstance, but listen to yourself, be better, work at it,” says Terri.

This isn't a Pop song with a cute hook. It's a serious concern wrapped up in constantly unanswered questions. This isn't Pop culture or Urban. This is about helping the youth to open their minds. It's about guiding the youth towards the magic they were born and entitled to be. With this in mind, we wanted a visual representation without all the glamour and glitz. It needed to be raw and real.

The single is out Monday & avaliable to pre-order now! -

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