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John Robinson & Kyo Itachi - The Path Of Mastery LP (SNIPPETS) (2015) (

'The Path of Mastery' is a collaboration album by French producer Kyo Itachi and veteran emcee John Robinson (Lil' Sci).

Originally released in 2013 via Digital Download & CD format, we are now very happy to announce that we have joined forces with Shinigamie Records in order to give this incredible album, a well-deserved Vinyl release.

The album consists of 12 tracks, with features including Skanks (of Bankai Fam), Contro Versy, Eloh Kush (of Angelz INC), DJ Djaz and many more.


Side A:
1. All Hail the Honorable
2. Gritty Trenches
3. Who Goes There (feat. Hus & Skanks of Bankai Fam)
4. The Rap Shotgun
5. Life Itself
6. Love you (feat. Contro Versy & Maty Soul)

Side B:
1. Masterful (cuts by Dj Djaz)
2. Manga
3. Indigo Child (cuts by Dj Djaz)
4. War Spelled Backwards (feat. Eloh Kush of Angelz INC)
5. Mystical Strings
6. They Just Don't Care (feat Memee Nelzy & Maqflah)

12" Vinyl with 3mm spine and full colour sleeve. Limited to 500 copies only.

SHIPPING: On or around 2nd March, 2015