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I & Ideal touches on hydraulic fracking / fracturing and the negative effects it brings to the environment and our general well being (Lyrics Below)

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#StopFracking #FrackOff #Fractivist

Lyrics :

Their fracking, for oil and gasses
Attacking, the soils to cash in
It's madness, they spoil the planet
So lets act quick..
For ever action, has a reaction
We should be standing in our masses
Challenging the fascists..
Money is the only language that their chatting
Their not understanding with compassion
When physically fracturing the planet..
Contaminating the water and the atmosphere,
With their tactic of extracting
This damaging brings sadness..
Radioactive gasses are impacting
On families it tragic
From getting rashes, to getting mad sick
Where they inhabit near the fracking..
So i'm a fractivist
And I feel to smash the rigs, that they bring
For there damaging, the planet with
Up to 100 chemicals, that they pump in, to get out more
Its scandalous, and a massive risk..
So lets ban the digs, to challenge this
and resist.. Yours truly, The fractivist.

Written and performed by I & Ideal