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Rhyme Asylum ft. Copyrite - Attitude Problem (2009) (
Rhyme Asylum - State Of Lunacy

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Their recognition originates from the Deal Real open mic sessions between 2004 and 2005. Their debut album State of Lunacy was released in June 2008 and featured US rappers Copywrite and Diabolic. Both Plazma and Leatherface left the group shortly after the release of State of Lunacy.

Their second album Solitary Confinement was released in April 2010 featuring Crooked I, Ill Bill and frequent collaborator Reain. For the first time, Rhyme Asylum recruited outside producers.

Later in 2010, the group released the Solitary Confinement: The Overdose EP on 12" vinyl.The EP contains eight songs from Solitary Confinement and was launched at a Dilated Peoples & Rhyme Asylum show in Hamburg, Germany.

Rhyme Asylum have performed across the UK and Europe