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Lewis Parker - Walk In The Sky (1996) (
Lewis Parker - B-Boy Antiks EP

Lewis Parker is a British hip-hop producer born in London of Barbadian descent, who lived in Canterbury, Kent. As a teenager, Parker released an EP, B Boy Antiks, and a 12" single, Rise/Visions Of Splendour, through Bite It!, a London-based recording label. He signed an album deal with Virgin imprint Melankolic who released his first LP, Masquerades & Silhouettes, in 1998,[1] before he went on to produce a number of hip hop records for UK Hip-Hop artists such as Jehst, The Sundragon and Champions of Nature.

Lewis Parker has also been credited for his work with Ghostface Killah on the Fishscale and More Fish albums. In 2010, he released a critically acclaimed album with American MC John Robinson called "International Summers".