Your Last Day (RIP Jason Razzino) by UVA Side & Errol Flynn aka EVIL feat Hyjaq (Jason Razzino)

In 2013, Jason Razzino (aka Hyjaq, member of UVA Side) committed suicide after an 11 hour stand off with the police. This song is the story of that day from his perspective (written and performed by Errol Flynn aka EVIL). Because of the circumstances surrounding his death, Jason was villainized. He was a victim of mental illness and alcoholism, with no prior criminal record. We are pleased that the officer who was shot survived. We are in no way downplaying the seriousness of the crime committed or the injury to the officer. I just wanted to tell Jason’s story. He was a good man, a good friend and a good father, as well as an extremely talented emcee. I included some of his lyrics in this song with his actual vocals mixed in with mine.
Those who were close to him know that this is the type of dedication he would have wanted.
You are missed Jason Razzino, RIP.
Vodka in my water bottle, for today, one for tomorrow. Quitting kinda hard to swallow maybe if I hit the lotto. Following my heart in this crazy world everyday baby girl on the way something saying on andale.
Gotta cut this stressing try to elevate my health. I struggle with depression so I medicate myself. I should smoke but I don’t so I sip this and I hope to get some help but this but this mental health care system is a joke. I’m provoked by every one, tell my girl to take my son to her mother’s yeah love ya I’m just climbing out this funk, plus things are looking up, I don’t know why I’m feeling down. I just need a day alone so I can drown these feelings out. But it’s only getting worse and only thing I feel is hurt. Start questioning my worth and what my point is on this earth. Call the suicide line cuz I feel I wanna die, but I know I need to live, this is how you know I tried. Then I hear the cops outside banging at the door. So I throw a couple warning shots, then a couple more. I step out on that porch put my pistol in they face. They fire couple back so I go back in my place. Get the rifle out the safe you know “whatever it takes, even my aims on the money like a presidents face. Cuz I might squeeze, and murder everything that breathes, from the top of the Heavens,to Hell serpent kings” yo there’s no escaping, they got this place evacuated, only thing I know for certain they don’t want your boy to make it. So now I gotta snipe cops, out da kitchen window let the Rife pop, 4 times, same spot, nice shot. “Direct lead, in any enemies direction, blow em away without question leave em to linger at his essence. We hold grudges, mercy’s for weak motherfuckers. Lick off strays and put these stray dogs on crutches”. Fuck it, they aint arresting me, they’ll kill me, they ain’t catching me. Bullets fly through this room for a daughter ill never get to meet. Time for me to rest in peace, “seeing my demise, I control my own destiny, even if I die”.