U.S.A (Californie)

Medley Tracklist:
1. DSTP Intro
2. On a Dankstah Route
3. Sweatin’ like a Fat Bitch
4. Raised by Rap Tapes
5. I Remain 2 B A Player

But what does Luke Sick really talk about on this four-song medley tape? The usual: sex, money, smoking dank, getting faded, creeping on the late night, leaving ‘em docked at the mo’, ditching cops, and everything else that used to happen in the course of a young man’s evening out. But somehow with Luke it’s different, it’s not excessive or shocking, it’s sort of matter-of-fact. It’s as if you are rolling in his ‘Money Green’ Silverado three-door with him as he dictates his dirthead diaries. It’s certainly not positive or uplifting or groundbreaking, and Luke straight up admits it on Raised by Rap Tapes: “Any scumbag know exactly what I’m goin’ thru/everything’s cool, what I’m doin’ ain’t new.” And maybe, if we can be completely honest with ourselves, that’s exactly what we all need right now—a little bit of ‘not new’. So just sit back, bump your head and ride like we used to—sideways to the liquor store.
paru le 13 mai 2022

Produced, mixed, mastered by Yelir
Raps by Luke Sick
Cover art by Ross Edwards
Layout by Damien/IHAA