XYZ – Up NEPA (2023)

Afrique Nigeria

XYZ is back from a long hiatus. This time around he comes with an arsenal of new music recorded over the last few years.

Up Nepa, recorded in the first few weeks of the covid lockdown, is the first single off the upcoming Made In Nigeria project (A Str8buttah Presentation produced by XYZ).

Up Nepa addresses the state of the Nigerian Nation. As a commonly used term, NEPA (National Electric Power Authority now PHCN) is known for epileptic power supply. Incidentally the words “Up Nepa!” is loudly chorused by the people the very second electricity is restored.

The lingo is made into a call and response — giving the boombap/afro fusion a groovy jive with witrospective (witty and introspective) bars.

XYZ metaphors Up Nepa as a paradoxical experience of lack vs abundance, an epilepsy — a neurological disorder marked by recurrent episodes of sensory disturbance, loss of consciousness, or convulsions, associated with abnormal electrical activity in the brain.

In the same vein, the visuals mimic the epileptic idea of the recurring episodes of NEPA power supply, using a mix of generated Artificial Intelligence (AI) art and real life performance by XYZ.

Go figure.

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Read the lyrics:
paraît le 24 mars 2023
Written by XYZ
Produced by XYZ

UPC: 197342105330