Whose Dystopia? (feat. Che Noir)
by calm.

Whose Dystopia is a single from the forthcoming album Conversations With a Willow Tree.
[Che Noir]
Look, there’s pain behind the tears I cry
A system we fell for years tried to scare my tribe
Threw us inside a system you perceive it as perfect
Come take a walk as I’ll show, let you see it in person
Take a look to the left that’s a man just trying to provide
Coming from work 12 hour shifts at night when he drives
Pulled by a cop for no other reason besides his skin
Reached for his license one shot he brought his life to an end
Look to the right a young girl with so much potential
The things she fights to avoid is all that shows outside her window
And they aint’ excuses they didn’t know it was bad
Gotta work twice as hard just to only half
And imagine being judged off your color of skin
Something that’s out your control you got to struggle wins
Murder, violence and drugs the only thing that seem real
With death is like robbery either play sleep or get killed

[Ursula Le Guin]
People are starving. The rich gobble taxes that’s why people are starving.
People rebel, the rich oppress them. That’s why people rebel
People hold life cheap. The rich make it too costly. That’s why people hold it cheap
But those who don’t live for the sake of living are worth more than the wealth seekers

The cracker didn’t have the TP in the back of the acura
His voice cackled dystopia to a settler that’s factual
A virus consumes its host with violence and leaves its transactional
History isn’t materialist, different realities are actual
Don’t you see hell in the Treaty of Tordesillas?
Don’t you see dystopia in Santa Maria?
Don’t you see apocalypse in the Mayflower’s anchor?
Don’t you see sci-fi in the smile of a banker?
George Washington said he was making providence
But the Iroquois called him town destroyer and this country’s been robbing sense
At sand creek they saw apocalypse in the US flag
The treaties were trash they need to just give the land back
Thomas More’s book Utopia was based on slavery
No gods, no masters, no western thought papacy
You must have copious amounts of myopia look up Cahokia
Cuz what you call history could be someone else’s dystopia
released November 5, 2021
Calm. is Time (raps) & AwareNess (production)
Che Noir: chenoir.bandcamp.com
Mixed and Mastered by Kyle Jones at Sleeping Brotherhood Studios