Where’s Walt Yo? [prod. by Drumz and Llingo] by Walt Sicknin’ (2013)

Last seen on the 300 block of 7th st. in Hunting Park, the infamous underground rapper known as Walt Sicknin’ has not contacted friends or relatives in over 3 weeks. Witnesses saw him leaving his North Philly residence around 7pm, smoking a cigarette of the menthol variety. He was wearing camouflage, baggy cargo pants, black Nikes, a KicDrum Products tee shirt, and a KicDrum Products Transformer five-panel hat. Walt was reportedly traveling by foot to Olney transportation center to head to his show. He never made his performance.

The people from the neighborhood whisper that Walt’s disappearance could be the work of any number of foes. The manner in which Walt Sicknin’ often dispersed his competition left many thinking that some “crazy, weak-ass-rapper” would kidnap Walt and hold him ransom for the teachings of his secret style many years ago; though this fate appeared destined to elude Walt Sicknin’ until recently. Now the myth who’s legend floats through Philly streets like a ghost trapped between worlds is missing, and fear and disappointment grow both inside and outside of the community.

The only evidence collected by inspectors, was a vinyl EP record, found just minutes from Olney Ave. and Broad St. Although the police have been generally mum on the contents of the record, sources have leaked that the material is the hardest rap music to come out of Philadelphia since the Tuff Crew. My sources have confirmed that the six track EP is scored by the Philly area underground conductors Drumz & Llingo and features a special, exclusive bonus track produced by the one and only DA BEATMINERZ. Walt drops a “treasure chest of gems on folk,” according to another person who has been privy to the records contents—which only makes investigators job more perilous, considering the “envy of his rap style makes every Philadelphia emcee/rapper an immediate suspect.”

This morning on the streets of north Philadelphia, children, adults and elderly, could be heard throughout the neighborhoods asking passers by, “where’s Walt yo?” Thus, the search has begun. If you or any one you know has any information regarding the whereabouts of Walt Sicknin’ please call 1-800-1SP-1200 or contact us directly at Kicdrumproducts.com

Digital Release featuring original material taken
from original CD / Whereʼs Walt Yo / The EP

1- waltroduction
Produced by Drumat!c w/ SP-1200

2- the sickness
Produced by Drumat!c w/ SP-1200

3- philly wreckinʼ stuff
Produced by Llingo Apt w/ SP-1200 + Emax I

4- story mode
Produced by Drumat!c w/ SP-1200

5- tXn rap commandments
Produced by Llingo Apt w/ SP-1200 + Emax I

6- walt pimpinʼ
Produced by Drumz & Llingo w/ SP-1200

7- whereʼs walt yo?
Produced by Drumat!c w/ SP-1200

8- signature time (S7S bonus)
Produced by Gensu Dean w/ SP-1200

9- chamber crack (S7S bonus)
Produced by Drumz & Llingo w/ SP-1200

10- $icknin Rich (S7S bonus)
Produced by Drumat!c w/ SP-1200

11- SP-12 Gauge (S7S bonus)
Produced by Llingo Apt w/ SP-1200 + Emax I

© 2012-2013 KicDrum Products, LLC

All production by Drumz & Llingo
All cuts/scratches by Drumat!c
Executive Produced by Lord Dio & Calv aka Beto Chavez

*Except for Track 08- produced by Gensu Dean
(w/ additional cuts/scratches by Drumat!c)

Recorded + Mixed by Drumz & Llingo at Bomb Shelter, PA
Engineered + Mastered by John Fachet at Sweet Creek Studios, PA
released September 24, 2013