What’s The Story? by Cyrus Da Zine

What’s The Story? is a 6 track EP about the influences of Cyrus Da Zine from his childhood to today. This project is both nostalgic and cautionary, inspirational and thought provoking. It draws on his past, the present and where we’re headed. Cyrus ties it all together with his creativity at a time when it seems like we could use a little more imagination.
releases July 6, 2023

A Bay Road Studios LLC Production. Executive produced by Cyrus Da Zine. All songs written by Cyrus Da Zine. All scores produced by DC The MIDI Alien. All cuts by DJ Slipwax. Recorded, mixed, and mastered at Wonka Sound Recording Studio in Lowell, MA. Artwork by Cyrus Da Zine for Bay Road Studios LLC.