Welcome To The Cult by Gimson & Pound To The Credit

UK Hip Hop artist Gimson and Australian producer Pound To The Credit have just released their latest single “Welcome To The Cult,” the second release from their upcoming album “Is It Still 1984?” The track explores the idea of societal conditioning and the consequences of blindly following beliefs and practices. With Gimson’s distinctive voice and Pound To The Credit’s eclectic production skills, “Welcome To The Cult” is a unique and thought-provoking track that encourages listeners to question their beliefs and motivations.
Agent orange
House plants remain as a reminder of the outside
The out of tune harp invites us to play something dystopian
No opium
Just a plastic poppy and a super soaker gun
That we choose to fill with past tears to wash away our sins, but
Lest we forget
Lest we forget
Still in debt to our forebears a life in disguise
The premise is the demise of a man with no plan
Conditioned by our forebears with beliefs that are banned
In our inherited scriptures heretic literature is needed
To make sense of this heresy in a Q&A the question is the therapy
The answer was never meant to be set in stone and left alone
We have the freedom to roam
And whilst we tread into the unknown
We must abstain from blindly following when on that lonely road home
Intuition is worth its weight in gold
The game is to be told and not resold back to us
Yo tengo una pregunta, I have a question señor
What is your philosophy on this fucked up situation you’ve been placed in
Your day is not wasted if you planned to waste your day
But in a haste to waste another’s you finally discovered
That Karma fucking hates you and this is why you suffer
Sufferer, sufferee, suffer him, suffer me
A suffrage, a pilgrimage, a pilgrim is a building which
You will build internally from insights on your travels
Whether 10 toes on the gravel or perched upon a saddle

Welcome to the cult
We survived the Armageddon by living in a vault
Everything is censored so you can not insult
Whilst you remain insulted washing wounds with teary salt

One phone call away from the relief of this burden
Put a good word in for me to ease this uncertainty
Would the burden be urgently need of addressing
Yes I’m guessing if undigested truths keep blocking my intestines
Mid-section stomach knots bad back traps tensing
Dopamine hits keeps us investing our time unwisely
Said the unwise man who just so happened to know a bit on that subject
Subjectivity’s a nuisance said the president
After all of his nationalist students started dropping acid
And all remained placid during a time of fear and propaganda tactics
Drastic measures drastic times
Constructed in the minds of some old rich cunts
Which stunts are the most entertaining for you Mr Rothschild
A goth child turns up to school with an AK
To take away another parents meaning in a not an OK way
Only one phone call away hey
Who bullied the bully and who bullied them
Karma’s having an audit until we all make amends
And then break friends again repenting sins
You’ve been here before in every life you’ve been in
Realising the end is the same as the beginning
Life’s a game are you winning and at who’s expense
Still on the fence about conscious capitalism in a prison our choosing
Whatever it takes to stop us from losing
Progressions and improvements and the dark side of movements
Welcome to the cult
released May 12, 2023
Performed by Gimson
Written by S. Gimson & J. Fredberg
Produced Pound To The Credit
Mixed by Pound To The Credit
Mastered by Suture
© Half Dead Records 2023
℗ Song Trust 2023
Catalogue: HDR0027