We Landed on the Moon by The League


It was a long arduous journey for our heroes. They battled frog men, they clashed with subterranean under-lords, and they even stole spacesuits from a top secret interstellar military base, capable of withstanding temperatures well beyond that of the sun. However all of this would mean nothing if it wasn’t for Neil and Buzz successfully navigating the lunar module. While aboard the spacecraft, our heroes reverse engineered numerous samplers until they developed a formula that was stable enough to react with the surface of the moon. Upon landing, the reaction of the formula combined with the waters that were in the bottom of the craters was so volatile, and so powerful, the resulting impact created a wave that shocked the universe.

released May 26, 2023

Vocals: Pola, Program, Doc 0bvious, Gaine$, Ajent O

Production: Program, (Track 17 was produced by The Working Class)

Scratches: DJ Optimus Prime

Mixing and Mastering: Jeremy Cochise Ball @ GCR Studios