was nice talking to you by Tremendous Aron

The instrumental EP ‚was nice talking to you‘ by Tremendous Aron takes you deep into his very own musical world. His journey started in his teens when his love for rap lead him into the world of jazz, whilst digging for samples. He then honed his craft as a jazz drummer while always remaining close to developments in the hiphop production of nowadays. 
Combining the swaggyness of hiphop, the songwriting of soul as well as the intricacies and variations of jazz, the EP ranges from catchy and dancy to moody and sometimes even obscure. Influenced by sample based beats, he expands far beyond the realm of 4-bar-loops through the exclusive use of live instruments. Out May 26 on Ouvo Records.

released May 26, 2023



Sax – Joan-Osca Engelbrecht
Bass – Mattis Lehmann
Keys – Robbi Nakayama & Matt Shapiro
Guitar – Max Feig
Drums – Aron Hentschel
Composition – Aron Hentschel
Production – Aron Hentschel

Mix – Aron Hentschel & Thomas Schöttl
Master – Thomas Schöttl

Photography by Ronja-Elina Kappl
Artwork by mesobroke