Warrior Awakening
by Scienz Of Life

It’s the Brothers you may have heard Kicking 9 Ether through ya speakers with Bobbito Garcia in the mid 90’s era or maybe you’ve heard them spitting outside the lounge with Talib Kweli, Shabaam Sahdeeq, and others. At the very least you should have witnessed their high-level lyricism alongside the Super Villain DOOM on Yikes, Sorcerers, New Music, and featured on King Geedorah’s Next Level tune. Sci (J.R.) and Invizible Handz aka The Robinson Brothers are still cooking up their signature thought-provoking offerings a quarter century later and counting. Warrior Awakening is their latest release and they are letting the world know that the Warriors around the Globe both male and female, young and old are awakening more than ever to the truth about all things around us. The Warriors can’t stay ASLEEP FOREVER YALL!

released October 31, 2022

Produced by @InvizibleHandz
Written by @ScienzOfLife
Mastered by ‘Juice’ at Eden’s Garden