Vintage DOPE – Two Bad Brothers (Down By Law) 2022 U.S.A (Seattle) Rest in Power Luvva J This was the last song we worked on together. It was originally going to be on the “D.E.T.H.R.O.N.E.D.” album, but was pulled as a Vdope track didn’t sonically fit with the rest of the album. A lot of Vintage Dope beats and partial tracks were worked on, but a full length didn’t really materialize as we were busy with life and other projects. Despite this song being pulled and our false starts, we held onto this track for the next VDope project. I hope you enjoy this track. RIP Luvva J *photo is from our neighborhood and the street his house was on was dedicated to his memory. crédits paru le 5 novembre 2022 Produced by Dawhud Written by Dawhud & Luvva J