Vile Verses (Boxset)
by Skribbal

To celebrate the launch of Black Nobility Records, we are proud to present: Skribbal, the Vile Verses Boxset!

Featuring 100 tracks with over five hours of music! Including the never-before-heard Black Eyed Children II: The B-Sides, 12 tracks that didn’t make the original release! Also, hear Skribbals first ever mixtape, “The Dishes Are Done” released ONLY to his personal friends and family while in high school.

The Vile Verses set also features the Armageddon Weaponry disc, filled with over 35 songs from Skribbals vast mixtape catalog spanning over 10 years! And for the first time, hear dozens of unreleased songs and demo tracks from 2011-2019! Each disc features a track-by-track commentary!!

Disc One: Black Eyed Children II: The B-Sides
Disc Two: The Highschool Years: “The Dishes Are Done”
Disc Three: Armageddon Weaponry: Best of the Mixtapes
Disc Four: Rare & Unreleased
Disc Five: Bonus Treats! (Includes the long out of print EP “Skribbal Sells Out.”)

All tracks fully remixed and remastered for optimum sound!

Also includes the previously unreleased animated music video for “Skinwalker!”

(C) 2022 Black Nobility Recordings.
releases October 1, 2022