Video clip making: Warm Film Studio
Music: Action Sanchez
Lyrics: Zatu Rey
Additional voice: Ignacio Diaz
Bass: Roman Groove
Guitar: Carlos Erbez
Piano: Ernesto Naranjo
Recorded by Acción Sánchez at La Factoría Creativa
Mixed and mastered by Sendy

Sevillians Acción Sánchez and Zatu, known by all as SFDK, are the longest-running group in the history of rap music in this country and for this reason they never cease to surprise us with their new and unexpected creations, which bring us together here.
Sánchez and Zatu never stop working on new music and not all of it can be released by mere strategy and time management. Many of these songs become part of the secret archives of SFDK.
With the idea of ​​closing a cycle, opened with their latest album “Redemption” and the celebration of the group’s 25th anniversary, our protagonists decide to release from the “secret files” folder a set of four songs under the name of “Cardioempathy”: ” Baobab” “Pastillitas chica” “Finikitao” and “Cardioempathy” four songs of different cuts and styles that SFDK give us while they are still immersed in the creation of their next album.