Veggie Tales Vol. 5
by Nomade Orquestra, Jo Bissa, The Rebel

Welcome to the Veggie Tales’ last chapter!

Once upon a time Mr. Cauliflower made his way to Amsterdam and met his friend Jo Bissa (one half of the electronic duo Umoja).
Mr. Cauliflower dropped an Lp on the turntable and played “Casa da Arvore” from Nomade Orquestra. The sound was deep and went directly into Jo’s heart.
It sounded like gipsy music, but had a funky touch; it had some reggae elements, but with a latin heart. This mixture of styles perfectly reflects the Nomade Orquestra’s signature sound.
A quartet that has since swollen into a decet from their beginnings in 2012, Brazilian band Nomade Orquestra musicians pride themselves on stretching far and beyond their jazz roots to create a sound that’s hard to pinpoint, but inclusive of various cultures across the world.
While listening to the song Jo Bissa got an idea of how to twist it with a remix, and created an electro cumbia dancefloor killer!

The result is a tasty 7” inches called “Veggie Tales Vol. 5”!!

We hope you’ll enjoy as much as we did.
Buon appetito!

Edition of 500 copies, coming with cooking tip and stickers!!
Pressed on high quality Black and Ivory vinyl wax (54 gr.).
releases January 20, 2023

Graphic by The Sweet Life Factory
Mastering: Simone Squillario

Made with Love by Little Beat More 2023
“Eat food not friends”