Ultraviolet Glass by Funky DL

Funky DL introduces the first track from his brand new instrumental album series, “Get It In”.

Each album will be released periodically, with the first installment, “Get It In: Summer Sunshine” out on all platforms on June 9th 2023. This will be a collection of tracks that all evoke the feeling of summer, sunshine and blissfully bright days.

The focus for the “Get It In”series is simply “cool laid back music” as the backdrop to the numerous activities we choose to engage in daily, such as work, study, chill etc.

The second album installment, “Get It In: Caffè & Chords” is already complete and will follow later on down the line.

“Ultraviolet Glass” appears as the first single from the “Summer Sunshine” volume, featuring smooth guitars and glimmering keys, reminiscent of ATCQ’s 1993 classic, “Electric Relaxation”.

The pulsating groove simply makes this track a chilled and summer fresh instrumental gem.
released May 12, 2023
Produced by Funky DL for Washington Classics 2023.