Trappist​-​1d by Jay Jules

Trappist-1d speaks of the search for a home. On this journey to an Earth-like exoplanet, many everyday problems are addressed. Our environment is known to us, but a distant planet is not. Often we strive for the unknown and escape the momentary state, despite not knowing if the destination will really be more pleasing. The album is intentionally not written explicitly because the story is meant to represent a struggle that most people deal with to a certain extent.
The Journey is the goal is one of the main topics of this album. As you go, you learn about what it is that you want and where you are really going, as long as you go. Eitherways you always bring yourself along on the journey and only changing the environment, will not immediately satisfy you and will still have to work on living a good life.
Musically the Album is very diverse and ranges from Soulful Hip Hop Beats, to funky grooves, Dubby Basslines and instrumental parts all the way to African percussive elements and even trappy drums. Most drums are live played though by Producer REEL BEETZ, which give this Album his unique touch.
released March 10, 2023

REEL BEETZ – Executive Production, Production, Lyrics, Composition, Mix, Drums, Sampling, Bass, Keys, Percussion
Jay Jules – Executive Production, Production, Lyrics, Composition, Vocals, Sampling, Bass, Keys, Guitars, Percussion
MISS C-LINE – Featured Vocals track 1
David Friedli – Guitars tracks 3, 6, 7 & 13
Nicolas Müller – Bass, Djembe, Keys, Additional production tracks 3 & 11
Léonard Cordier – Bass track 3
ape jewel$ – Featured Vocals track 9
Kenny Niggli – Keys Track 9
Sam Stöckli – Guitar track 10
James Iwa – Bass track 13
Philip Engi & Juliano Tschuggi – Improvised Storytelling tracks 2, 5, 8, 12
Slade Templeton – Mastering
Lukasz Polowczyk – Branding, Marketing
Sarah Furrer aka «SaFu» – Illustration
William Bejedi & Simon den Otter (Herzhaft) – Promotion
Ivan (Midnight Rush) – strategic input
Lilian Salathé – visual & friendly input
Friends & Family for constructive feedback and constant support