As a child of the East Coast Hip Hop culture in the 1990s, observing from a distance Midwest, Jeff Baron was influenced by the underground style and more commercial leanings of the genre just the same. Developing his musical tastes to artists like LL Cool J, Nas, the Wu-Tang Clan, Redman, and The Roots, Baron spent many years writing rough lyrics and trying to hone his craft.

When Baron moved to New Jersey in 2007, he started recording on a professional level. He put out his first album, The Left Field, in early 2009 to critical acclaim. Switching production for his second LP, the Bad Habbits persona was born out of Baron’s “I don’t care what you think!” mentality, and the following self-titled album was released in 2011. In 2012, Habbits released Acid Reflux, marking his first time working with longtime collaborator Sam Da Grouch, who almost exclusively produced the project. Acid Reflux also saw Habbits shooting his first video, for “Song For the City”.

Around this time and before, Baron has performed at numerous venues around NYC, such as the Sputnik in Brooklyn, and The Line-Up Showcase in Manhattan. Baron has performed all over the NYC metro area.

After a brief hiatus, Baron returned to the scene in 2016 with the more topical and thought-provoking We Are All Gods LP, which focused on themes of survival, global warfare, growing up, and human relationships. In 2018, Habbits followed up with Working At Perfect, a more mature record that focused more on ageing gracefully while spreading messages of love.

In 2022, Bad Habbits is back and stronger than ever with his upcoming release, Torch, his 6th album!!! Combining a street sound with underground hip-hop dynamics and a spectrum of styles, Torch displays Habbits at his strongest lyrically. One factor where he takes the utmost pride in NEVER using ghostwriters or co-writers.. We also hear a more potent and otherworldly delivery that is balanced, but aggressive at the same time. Habbits blends philosophical subject matter with braggadocious rhymes and sheer refined technique, as noticed on his first single off Torch, the Young Zee from the Outsidaz assisted “Let’s Go!”.. The second single “No Serenade” provides more of a poetic backdrop, perhaps creating the subgenre of the “Boom-Bap Ballad”. The rest of the record provides commentary on social and geopolitical matters (“Forgot To Laugh”, “Out Of Nowhere”), heavy hitting wordplay (“The Inner Flame”, “Stick Em Up”), and even a little science project thrown in with “Lovers and Haters”, featuring bass and drums from Billy Sherwood of legendary Progressive rock band Yes.

Overall, “Torch” is an array of sounds and styles blended together and Executive Produced by Baron himself. While the last record some felt may have deviated from the standard we’ve known to expect from Habbits, Torch is a statement of resiliance, resistance, and reignition. We hope this record finds you well!
released April 29, 2022

Executive Producer Jeff Baron
Composer Jeff Baron
Lyricist Jeff Baron
Engineered By DrewKaboom!