To Finish a Fool’s Errand by Melo & DJ Alkemy This has been a labour of love, for both myself, and Melo. An album that spans 6+ years. 6+ years of recording, re-recording, re-writing, scrapping tracks, adding tracks. All while going through the usual trials and tribulations of life, where we have to balance the absolute need for creativity, and the necessity to earn money. It hasn’t been easy, and at times, it has felt like the fool’s errand we speak of. But, we got there. And we have already started work on our follow up release. Music is something we love, with every fibre of our being, so the option to leave this music to gather digital dust was never an option. Huge thanks to everyone involved in helping to get this album over the line: One Louder Studio’s, Cardiff Speaker Hire, Pomp. credits releases December 16, 2022 All production by DJ Alkemy. All tracks written by Melo. Featured artists appear courtesy of themselves. Mixed & mastered by dBWcreates. Art by DW Smith.