To Die Without Regret by VON POE VII

It’s been three years since my last project, and I’ve finally had another creative burst with this new seven-track project, To Die Without Regret. It’s no secret that the THREAT brand has made a major shift since its incarnation over a decade ago, and I’m definitely at the head of that change. This album addressees a few of those things, and emphasizes a need for the brand to remain a space of intelligent conversation, with a zero tolerance for artists caught up in the hype of their own lies. Although responsible for many successes of the past, let me reiterates the lesson of “Build and Destroy”, a belief of the Five Percenters that I’ve held true to during the entirety of my career. May you all enjoy the album.

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Music by: VON POE VII

A Threat Culture Media Production
releases April 13, 2023

Instrumental productions by: The Villain VII, and Elias X